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BCBBC Family

My favorite moment? Well, I can’t pick just one. But, I will take you back to the summer when, my husband, Captain of the Independents, Jayme, said to me that he wanted to start a vintage base ball club in Bay City. My reply was of course, “Okaaaaaay”. (Detect sarcasm)
He spend the whole summer at the library researching on those old microfilm and microfiche machines. Once the research was done, he met with some gentlemen, formed the club and began to ask local businesses to help out so they could purchase uniforms and cover other expenses.
It is hard to believe The Independents are going into year five.

My favorite part of it all is sitting back and watching the crowd roll in and listening to their comments. Bay Cityans LOVE this game! I think it’s the most exciting event that takes place in Bay City! It is just unbelievable to me how this has taken off.

My second favorite part is spending the time with all the other club families and traveling together. Our children have become so close. They are like family to us!

Huzzah to the Independents and lets hope for many more years together!
 – Kerri Johnson