Home vs. Saginaw 4pm Saturday (6/8)


About the Bay City Base Ball Club

Return to a time when base ball was a game that was so big in America that it was actually two words instead of one

Return to a time when the game was played without fences, without gloves, and without overpaid players.

The Bay City Independents Vintage Base Ball Club will take you on an entertaining tour of what base ball was like in the nineteenth century when real men played ball with a bare knuckle style.

Join us to see the brand of base ball that started it all when the bases were 42 paces apart, an out was recorded when one hand was lost, and instead of doing the wave the spectators would yell “Huzzah!”

The Independents play nineteenth century base ball each summer against other area vintage clubs. Independents home games are played at historic Carroll Park.

Stop by for some All-American entertainment.