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Bay City 25, Saginaw 19

Logmark Tournament - Ojibway Island, Saginaw, MI

Reunited – Bay City at Saginaw

Bay City 25, Saginaw 19 – Logmark Tournament

There is nothing finer than the prospect of an 8 hour day of base ball, with the potential for the climatic parallels of Africa, and a starting hour of high noon. The only thing that could make the moment more attractive would be to pair your club against the very finest that the sport allows, so as to make the competition hotter than the predicted reaches of the proverbial mercury.

Such would be the setting for this day on Ojibway Island, as the Bay Citys were reunited with their friends the Old Golds of Saginaw. Not since the days of Peaches and Herb have their been so many convergences, as the Independents were also to remake the acquaintance of one Jason “Buttons” McInerney, who was fresh off the wagon train from the western climes of Minnesota. The Old Golds too would be reunited with an old ally, but in a more adversarial role.

Buttons blasts a ball during action at Ojibway Island - June 25, 2016.

Buttons McInerney blasts a ball during action at Ojibway Island – June 25, 2016.

Harold Campau would serve as judge for the match, and oversaw the coin toss for the order of striking, in which Bay City would be victorious. The Bay Citys then chose to strike last, and thus took the field as the Golds of Saginaw took to striking. Needing no official invitation the Golds took to tramping along the bases. A string of safeties from the law firm of Funcheon, Piersall, Smith and Manning, had the Saginaws jump out to a 5 run lead in their first, but Bay City would answer with 6 of their own thanks to some two out striking heroics by Jeff “Ink” Hicks, Jason “Buttons” McInerney, and Nate “Grizzly” Hall.

Hicks drove in two with a hot drive into the center garden, but was held to making only his first. McInerney, who had just bottled a sky ball from the bat of the Saginaw captain in the first, was anxious to show that he had not lost his panache with the willow while relaxing in the Minnesota sun and promptly deposited the apple into the right center garden well beyond the reach of the fielders.


This forced the base running issue for Hicks who would have to traverse the entirety of the remaining 270 feet to home plate, as McInerney would steam into third. He would not be long for his stay, as the next striker, Nate “Grizzly” Hall, formerly of the Golds, struck the ball and then made his way to third as well with a swiftness that parted his ample beard like Moses separated the Red Sea all while successfully driving Buttons to tally the sixth and final run of the innings. After the first innings the Bay Citys held a slight lead in a tight scratch at 6-5.

The Old Golds would be held to a single tally in their second, while Bay City countered with 9 aces, a slew of which went for extra bases. Justin “Jumper” Gielda, Adam “Little Train” Johnson, Sean “Tanner” LeRoux would all make their seconds when they took their turns to strike, while the less pedestrian route of free travel to third was made by Travis “Rat” Galbraith, Brian “Butterfly” Becerril, and in a repeat performance, Jason “Buttons” McInerney.

The Old Golds now found themselves trailing in the contest at 15-6, and promptly put up 4 more aces in the ledger in their third innings using a succession of safeties and stolen bases, but the Independents would put up a fight as well tallying two with the bottom portion of their ample order. The Bay City attack began with Justin “Jumper” Gielda driving another howitzer into the long field, and taking his second. He would move to third on an infield drive by Travis “Rat” Galbraith. Rat would take his second by theft, but a foul tic to the catcher would kill the second hand of the innings, and it looked as though the Independents would be skunked for the first time on the day. That’s when Adam “Little Train” Johnson deposited a lofting garden grabber that just evaded the fielders, and drove home both runners. Johnson’s hand would be killed at second to end the innings, and the contest would now stand at Bay City 17, and Saginaw 10.


After the opening hand was lost in the fourth for the Saginaws, their next striker, “Joker” Curry mashed the apple into the garden where it took a most precipitously high hop allowing the fleet footed striker to make his home run. It was then that the Old Golds went on another single spree making their first with 8 out of the next 9 batsmen. It took an astounding, diving catch by “Buttons” McInerney, the Bay City center fielder, to bring the inning to a merciful end. The Saginaws now led the contest 18 to 17, after plating 8 runs under the summer sun.

The Bay Citys would not be outdone however, and immediately knotted the contest thanks to a lead off triple by Sean “Tanner” LeRoux, who would subsequently tally on a sky ball from the bat of Alan “Kid” Garcia that was bottled by the Saginaw center fielder. The contest wouldn’t stay balanced for long, as Wesley “Redstick” Perry then punished the pill, sending it screaming down the left field line allowing him to make his second. He would then tally on a similar drive by Jeff “Silverback” Rahl that began a string of six similar safeties, that would have Bay City print six more aces in their ledger. That would bring their total to 8 in the innings matching the Saginaws, and making the snowman the precariously ironic digit of the day.


Both clubs would be whitewashed in there fifth innings, and only half of the sixth would be played where Saginaw could only muster one more ace. Thus the contest was ended with handshakes, and cheers with Bay City as the victor 25 to 19.